Reliabilty of Freeview Set Top Boxes


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I bought a cheap Bush Freeview box and get good reception but the remote locks and occasionally so does the box, so I bought another (better) Bush box this also has problems with the box locking. So I bought a Philips box and this also occasionally locks.

Is it my bad luck or are all Freeview boxes prone to locking ? If not all boxes lock can anyone recommend any other make/model ? :lease:




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Indeed the Wharfdale is getting good comments on it's functionality, features and reliability for a very reasonable price. Can't give this a thumbs up as it seems to early days to do so with little feedback but worth your further investigation.

The only box I can recommend as I say again and again (many must be yawning :D ) is the now defunct Sony VTX-D800 which crashes once a lifetime. I've had 4 boxes in 3 years and I believe they have crashed twice in this time and whats more probably not the same box!

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