Release date for BBC drama 'Box of Delights'

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Dont suppose any of you lot out there know the release date for the BBC kids drama 'Box of delights' on DVD. Any rumours or info greatley appreciated



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I still have the two tape VHS set, (with the gold covered box inserts), which I was going to transfer to DVD but I'll wait for this set now.



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The BBC's "Box Of Delights" is great fun, but I have to say it's not a patch on the utterly wonderful childrens' book that it's based on. (It is to Harry Potter what the X-Files was to "Strange". :) )

It's actually the sequel to an also-very-fine story called "The Midnight Folk".

(Click here or here).


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Thanks for the links NicholasB, I've just order both books! I'll also have the DVD on release, as I have fond memories of the series.

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