Relationship between User and Online accounts

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by english_bob, Dec 20, 2006.

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    When I first turned on my PS3 and went through the setup, it asked me which account name I wanted to set up, so I chose, for example "English Bob Snr", with spaces.

    Afterwhich I setup the online account part and tried to enter the same, but it didn't like the spaces (I think, either that or it was already taken), so I removed them to create EnglishBobSnr.

    Now I have "English Bob Snr" under USERS and "EnglishBobSnr" under FRIENDS, which also acts as my portal into the PlaystationStore.

    Now, I'm still stuck in Xbox360 land. The account profile you login to and save game progress to, IS ALSO the same name you use while playing online.

    I noticed while playing and saving Ridge Racer 7 that is saving to my USER name, "English Bob Snr".

    Is someone able to explain the difference between USER and FRIENDS (Online) accounts please?

    I'm guessing that the USER account is the userid for the system access (as it appears you can really restrict access to part of the machine, like XP) and the FRIENDS (Online) part is not connected in anyway to the user you logged into the machine as, even though game progress is also saved under that USER name.

    Has this been designed so that many users can share the ONE online account for playing online / shopping etc.


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