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REL are releasing a new sub(s) on the 5th of this month. Might be the S/812 & S/510.
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From Martins hifi fbook page...
Introducing the new REL 212/SX, launching 5th June.

Its faster, better controlled and quieter meaning it resolves finer details than the previous 212/SE

We will also be holding a demonstration event where you can get your hands on the new 212/SX.

However with the current restrictions the places will be limited, if you are interested please email [email protected]

We will be posting more details about the Rel 212/SX and the upcoming event in the next week.

Stay Safe

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That looks frighteningly expensive. Could be at least £50 more than my ancient T5.


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I don't think the 212/SE were exactly flying off the shelves, this will be the same I think, anyone on here actually own one and want to comment on whether it's worth the £3500 entry price?

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These are £4200.

The 212/SE is very good, the stack of drivers really does work. As mentioned they didn't fly off the shelves as people tend to work up to a stack rather than buying something like this straight out. Of the ones I have installed I would say they justify price given the performance on offer. They are certainly worth an audition if you have the space for them.


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