Rel Tzero - hopefully a basic question!


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Have just ordered a Rel Tzero as part a modest new 5.1 set up in a small living room.

I have a Marantz NR1609, with Q Acoustics 3010is/3090Ci at the front and 2 Cambridge Audio Minx Min12s as surrounds. Currently using an old Jamo sub.

The new sub is arriving tomorrow but have already been reading the manual online! In the past I have only ever connected subs on the .1/lfe channel.

However the manual strongly recommends I connect the high level input as well and set the front speakers to Large. This is all new to me.

Simply put, is it worth doing this on a system of this level or should I just stick to a single .1/lfe connection?

Cheers in advance!

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Good question. Using the high level inputs can be an advantage for listening to 2 channel music in stereo. It means that you can put the AVR into a direct or pure direct mode and that in theory could improve sound quality, but in practice it may sound exactly the same.

Using the high level inputs also means that the sub is getting the exact same audio as the front speakers at the exact same time, so timing could be better.

As I say, this is all theoretical though, but if you are curious about eeking out the best possible sound quality from your system, I would advise on giving it a try as Rel suggest.

Then you can go down the normal route of just using the RCA LFE connection and setting the front speakers to small with an appropriate crossover, and see if it sounds better / worse / the same.


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Thanks Rambles - again!

I suspected it may be a preference thing, was just interested to see if there was a strong 'always do it' or 'never do it' view.

Lets see if it comes with the requisite cables in the box and I'll give it a try!


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