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Rel t7i or SVS 3000

David Warren

Novice Member
I’m building my system and I’m looking at subs. I everything from classical to slip knot and other metal bands. Which of these two subs will be able to keep up. I’m looking towards bass integration and not rattling the rafters.
thanks for the help.


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You dont mention if you are considering the Ported or Sealed SVS 3000, but for music and given the T7i is sealed, I am going sealed.

Also most people test / review the T7i against the SB2000 rather than the 3000, the 2 is closer in price to the Rel than the 3. So whilst the 3k with be far superiour, the 2k was the true comparison and with the newer SB2000 Pro available the you have the added benefit of SVS's well loved tuning App, so you can tweek the subs performance for both a bit of room correction and customise to your listening preferences.

In fact you can actually have different preset eq's within the app so that you can match the subs performance to the genre you are listening to.

Hope that helps.


Standard Member
Never heard a SVS, but I have a T7i and I can tell you it has great punch and tone, way better than the Klipcsh R-120SW's I have. T7 is tight and fast.


Distinguished Member
I think we need more detail on the Purpose of the System and the Sub.

Is this a primarily a Stereo Music system?

What is your Amp and what are your Front Speakers?

Do you have Bass Management for the Front (L,R) Speakers?

The REL T/7i is £850 at the source I found. It has a 200mm (8") Active Driver, and a 10" Passive Driver with response down to 30hz.

The SVS 3000 comes in two versions the Sealed SB-3000 and the Ported PB-3000. These are running £1400 to £1500.

Both have 13" Bass Drivers. The SB is rated down to 18hz and the PB is rated down to 16hz @ -3db.

If you want a REL that goes a bit deeper with a large bass driver consider the 10" Rel T/9i at £999 -

While the Rel do not go very deep compared to other Subwoofers, they are Fast, Clean, Very Smooth, and Very good for Music playback. Rel does make models that go deeper, but the price is substantially higher.

The larger deeper SVS are Home Theater Subs, though I recently read a review on the SVS SB-2000 that said the Music Performance was pretty good. (Sound and Vision Magazine - Sept 2020)

As others have said, relative to Price, a closer comparison would be the SB-2000 or the PB-2000

The SB-2000 is a 12" driver with response rated down to 19hz @ -3db.

The PB-2000 is a also a 12" driver with response rated down to 16hz @ -3db.

So, the question is, are you looking for raw thumping power, or the cleanest smoothest possible integration into your Music system?

The Rel, as I mentioned, don't go that deep, but they are clean, fast, and tight, and will more smoothly integrate with your existing speakers.

Though we would need to know your Amp and Speakers to work out the details of that integration.

SVS have a very high reputation for quality Subs, though I seem them more for Movies, but as I said, I read that Sound and Vision review on the SB-2000, and they claimed the Music performance was impressive.

Personally, in a Music system, I would go for Sealed Subs. More likely to be cleaner and tighter. But that's your personal choice to make.

So, which you choose among those discussed will depend on specifically what you have now, and what you are trying to accomplish. For the cleanest tightest musical Integration, I lean toward the very musical REL T/9i. But for raw power, while reasonably refined, I would be more inclined toward the SVS SB-2000.

Again what Amp and Front Speakers you have will carry a lot of weight in the decision, and in the integration.

Trying to extend some Bookshelf in a Pure Music system, I would say REL.

But in a system with Floorstanding Front, you are going to need Full Bass Management, and larger SVS Style Subs.

Then you have to decide if you want or are capable of Two or Stereo Subwoofers. Today, most recommend Two slightly more modest Subs over one very large Sub.

So, there are a lot of things to consider.


David Warren

Novice Member
Anthem STR integrated amp, wharfedale evo 4.4. I am focusing on two channel stereo but tv will play through it but I am not worried about home theater.


Distinguished Member
Anthem STR integrated amp, wharfedale evo 4.4. I am focusing on two channel stereo but tv will play through it but I am not worried about home theater.

EVO 4.4 Floorstanding Speaker -

Frequency Response (+/-3dB):44Hz ~ 22kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB):38Hz

ANTHEM STR Integrated Amp -

* Bass management for two subwoofers, in mono or stereo

Hopefully the Bass Management is not just for the Subs, but also the Front Speakers.

If Music is your priority, then the REL will take the bass response down to just about 30hz or a bit below with the Rel T/9i. This should integrate very well, and should give you smooth clean well integrated Bass.

The SVS SB-2000 will definitely take you down deeper, and should do a decent job, but I don't expect it to be as fast and responsive as the REL. But it could still be good.

The Sound and Vision Magazine (Sept 2020) article had this to say about the SB-2000 -

He played three pieces of Music -

Billie Ellish - When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go - "Goodbye"

The Reddings - Awakening

E.T. - The Extraterrestrical Movie Soundtrack

(Ellish) This track in particular let me hear just how deep the SB-2000 Pro could go, with each note coming across as clear and perfectly defined.

(The Reddings) The SB-2000 Pro woofer never once sounded sliggish compared with the lighting quick ribbon panels of the Magnapan LRS speakers. One I tuned in the Optimum Setting of 60hz crossover, the small Magneplanars ended up sounding like big full range speakers with tight slamming bass.

(ET Soundtrack) Listening to the SB-2000 Pro, the sheer air moving quality of the bass drum thwacks expanded the size of the sound stage in a dramatic way ...

I don't have access to any written reviews of the REL T/9i, but here are some videos -

This first one is a bit biased because it comes directly from REL.

It is not clear whether the above user was using Bass Management for his Front Speakers. Not having Bass Management, will cause a peak in the bass in the overlap range between the Front and Sub, which can make it sound a bit over-bassy.

Keep in mind you will get bigger more impactful bass, it just won't be as deep as the SB-2000. The REL T/9i goes a bit below 30hz, which is good for the typical range of music. But a bit lean for high impact movie sound tracks.

In my case, I have Two Pair of Speakers, one is a 12" 3-way, and the other has 2x8" each in a 3.5-way configuration. My lowest response is about 28hz, but I still get movie impact that can ruffle my hair. So, good bass is not all about depth, though that seems to be what people are obsessed with.

Typically ultra-low bass are not notes or tone, more likely it is an impact shock wave for explosions and similar. I'm very happy with my movie experiences with my speakers. The Bass Impact comes from drive so much more air from all those drivers. You should get the same impact from the REL T/9i speakers. But as I said, you don't get the depth, and there is some value in that.

So, the underlying question is, is smooth clean integrations and another 10hz to 15hz on the low end more important , or is the deep movie explosion impact more important?

Now I've related this information to you as I have gathered it. I'm interested in finding fast smooth tight bass. But even I would like it to go a bit deeper. I'm think in the range of 25hz, so it extends a bit below common music frequencies. But for my use, I don't need 20hz or sub-20hz bass. Now, if I can get both ... fine. Sub-25hz and a fast smooth Sub, I'm down for it. But so far, I have not found that magic Sub.

You have to weigh what your objective is. I think either Sub will be fine. But by all the information I can find, the REL is a more musical sub. But from the Sound and Vision review, it seems the SB-2000 holds together pretty well for music.

Though I'm making assumption, but with the Full Bass Management (I assume) of the Anthem, plus Room-EQ, you should have no problem integrating either the REL or the SVS.

As to alternative suggestions, I'm at something of a loss, as I said, I have yet to find the perfect Music Subwoofer.

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David Warren

Novice Member
Thanks for all your research. Everything I’ve read says they’re the same but different as my son used to say. Buy both and return the one you don’t want.

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