Rel T5 or Rel T2? Which is better?


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I want to hear your opinion on two different subwoofer solutions for my stereo-setup.
I have a pair of Dynaudio Focus 110A that I intend to cross-over at 80 hz and then leave the subsonics to a pair of Rel subwoofers.
I have the opportunity to get a used pair of T5s for a great price, but a nearby store is selling out all of the previous T-series and they have two T2s in the same finish as my mains (White ;) )the I can get for 25% more cash the what the T5s cost.

The T5 has a single 8" woofer. The T2 has 8" woofer + 10" inch slave-woofer.
My thought is that the T2s will play a great deal louder, but the T5s may be better to integrate due to the sealed nature?

Help is GREATLY appreciated!

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