REL T-7 Hum


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I've been searching around these forums today looking at similar issues and I haven't been able to find a solution yet. I just got a brand new REL T-7. When I hooked it up to my system last night as recommended in the manual using the Neutrik Speakon cable with one positive lead for both the left and right terminals and the negative lead to the left negative terminal. These are the same terminals that the stereo speakers are connected to.

I fired everything up and I'm getting a very low hum from the sub and a very high hiss/hum from the stereo speakers that wasn't there before. I worked through everything in the setup and finally figured out the hiss in the stereo speakers went away when I disconnected the sub from the speaker terminals.

An interesting note is that the hum continued in the sub when the wire wasn't connected to the receiver, but stopped when I removed that cable from the sub itself. Could this potentially be from a bad cable or magnetic interference in the cable? It is brand new so I don't believe it's damaged. I was thinking it was a ground loop, but as I type this out, it's seeming less likely.

Thanks for any advice or additional tests you can offer!

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