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Rel sub setup (it works but isn't picked up on Audyssey?)


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Hi guys

As the title states really. I have TX NR 646 Onkyo amp. Got rid of my rubbish Canton speakers and upgraded to monitor audio bronze package with Rel T5i subwoofer.

The sub works but when i run the auto setup on the amp using the mic it doesn't test or pick up the sub at all. The amp knows it's setting a 5.1 though.

I have connected the sub as per the Rel instructions (via the single phono cable and the spektron connector thing which goes from the sub to the front left and right speaker outputs on the amp.

when the setup is complete it tells me the crossover is 40 and 60 with the front speakers set to 'Full Range'.

Im pretty new to this so any help is greatly appreciated.



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Don't use the speakon connector for use with an avr. It's only really for when you want to integrate the sub in to a stereo set up.
Your avr probably thinks your speakers reach low as its picking up the sub via the speakon.


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I did try this, however the sub is not recognised at all and does not work if i disconnect the speakon and just use the phono. hmmm.


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REL recommend using the high level speakon cable in addition to the LFE when using with a system which has full range front channel speakers. Whether you want to go down that route it ultimately up to you and you will have to set the crossover and level for that manually.

You should certainly hear a test tone from it when the Onkyo reaches the sub as part of the auto set-up. Is the LFE input certainly turned up on the T5i? The high level and LFE inputs have separate controls. Would also recommend having the crossover set to max when performing the auto-setup.


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Thanks for the help guys! It appears i was being a bit of a moron and had the phono cable plugged into 'low level input' rather than lfe/.1 input. i have now done this (and connected via speakon) and run the setup again. Sub is now identified and tested.

Just to confirm:
1. I run the setup with the rel crossover set to MAX and leave as it is? or fine tune it after setup has been done?

2. Now the audio setup is setting my front tower speakers to 60hz crossover rather than full range. do i leave this as it is, or change this back to 'full range' how it set itself up before?

Now i find although it wasn't perfectly set up before, having the rel plugged in via speakon and phono into low level input was producing better sound than having it connected via LFE/.1



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Leave the REL crossover set to MAX and let the AVR do it's thing.

If you are using a SUB, the general advice is to set all of your main speakers to SMALL as setting them to LARGE can bypass some/all of the AVR's bass management functionality.

That said there is nothing wrong with experimentation - especially if you are unhappy with the results of the Audyssey calibration.

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