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I'm in the market for an REL Storm or Strata III on the recommendation of my local dealer.

The sub will be used for mainly movies, but I need it to be suitable for music too. I'm using the Meridian G Series to drive the LFE, so all the bass management will be done in the processor.

Can anyone recommend an equivalent spec & quality sub. I would like a cherry wood finish to match the furniture (or rather the Mrs. would!) but this is not vital.

One other thing, the downward firing of the REL was appealing because we have a 10month old, whose fingers are starting to discover soft cones!!


Mark Ward

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I have a Rel Storm in Black and previously had a Strata II in the room.

I have to say it's head and shoulders better than the Strata II, I've never heard the STrata II though.

I recently bought a Rel Q400 too and have yet to decide which better suits my room.

Obviously canvas other opinions but Storm is WAY better than Strata from my experience. Don't rule out the Q400 though, it's a pocket sized beastie!:)

Tims is for sale here


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