Rel Strata III vs Rel Strata V


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Is it a down or a upgrade going from a Strata III to a Strata V, i.e., is the Strata V better than the Strata III?

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From what I have read, the Strata V does seem to be an improvement over the Strata III but I wouldn't sell a mark 3 to buy a mark 5 as I wouldn't imagine the improvement to be sufficient to warrant the expense.


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I was hoping that someone that heard the two could give an opinion.
I would like to have a two subs setup but currently it's impossible (space problems).
I love my Strata III but I have a friend that wants to buy it and in the future I would like to buy the second sub. The Strata III will be out of production but the Strata V will be in production for many years and if it is better that the Strata III…


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Well, I can't help for the direct one to one comparaison but for what it's worth, at the Bristol show, I was chatting to a REL rep (a younger chap so probably not senior enough to do twisted reverse psychology with potential customers) who said that personally, he felt that the Strata V did not only outperform the Strata III, it also outperformed the Storm III but he shouldn't say that because the Storm III sells for more so REL make more money out of Storm sales. Of course, this might be total salesman bull**** but anyway...


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