REL STENTOR, adds what I didn't know I was missing from stereo/music


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I was recently fortunate enough to 'win' a REL Stentor III on ebay (for a good prce too :) ) and after initial setup trying it with different inputs, low and high level and moving it around the room I've got a sound I like. This sub has taken my stereo music to a new level, my main speakers go low (like 20hz), but the Stentor goes even lower and at very high quality.

My previous at home experience of a subwoofer were simultaneously a all in one Yamaha system (that was extremely well mated to its sats), and the mission v6as. The mission a decent sub for movies but music I'm not sure if it had the quality to keep up with the rest of my system as I moved from 5.1 movie focused to a 2.1 stereo music focused system.

One of the excellent features of this sub is the high level input connection that connects directly to the amp output (i.e. plug them directly in or connect them to the speaker cable/plug at the amp end), the company blurb is that it keeps the character of the pre+power amp over just the pre.
My experience between the high level over the low level definitely appears to agree with this. The integration between the main speakers and the sub is much tighter, I can't honest say where one begins and the other end.

For movies the sub helps, but I find I like bass to be at a higher level on movies over music, the sub doesn't come with a remote which is a bit of a shame. It does however have an automatic over ride so that low level takes precedence over high level. Low level/high level gain are separate controls (I just need a player with dedicated sub phono out).

I'd finish by saying usually in the world of HiFi/HC there is a huge level of lower level of returns as you go up the tree, here though I think it is different, the quality/pace with music and the depth it can go to (11Hz although I haven't tested it in room) is something cheaper products can't physically reach.

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