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Apr 14, 2002
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Has anyone actually had a demo of or bought a Stampede or a Strata 5?? I think they were being shown at Bristol although its a bit far for us northerners to travel!

if so what are your thoughts?

We finally had a chance to thoroughly go over the new models in the showroom today and I must say I was impressed.

What is the feeling about value for money in the light of recent 'discoveries' from over the water?
Haven't heard either but I did see the Stampede at Bristol. Looked nice from a distance but the volume control felt unbelievably cheap and nasty. I wouldn't buy one purely because the finish seemed to be so poor. Not up to RELs usual standards at all.


They were not demonstrating anything when we looked in which was a shame as I would have liked a listen. I do like the remote control and childproof locks on them though
I was up colse to this two subs, I do not agree with you "warrj" that the finish was poor. And they felt very solid too when you knuckle wrap them.

I was there, when the I think it was the owner of REL was talking about the design of the two subs, which was interesting.
Wow.. my first post...
I have owned the Strata 5 in maple for just under a month now and have to say its not bad at all. Its my first sub as I was quite happy with my B&Ws ability with bass for sometime, I have to say its just filled out the sound even more.
Worked at Sevenoaks Sound and Vision for a long time so I got a staff discount which was nice... For the money the Strata 5 is great. It basically sounds like the Strata III but is a lot smaller... REL achieved this by using a more powerful amp (150W compared to 100W) and refined bracing etc...
They did a great job... running high and low input... remote makes it really easy to setup from listening position... some may not like the bright blue display but you can turn it off when you are not adjusting settings... Muting Low level input is possible from the remote when listening to 2 channel which makes the bass a bit more realistic...
Not sure about all the finishes but I have the maple and it is stunning...
Definately one to try.. especially if you are pushed for room... (324x464x334mm)
Hope this helps...
Wow.. first post over!:clap:
Hi cyrusgod and welcome. Posting gets easier with practice. Think twice and post once is my motto. Or perhaps it was the other way round. ;)

I noticed the Strata 5 has a very low potential cut off frequency. How did you get on with setting the cut off point on the high level connections? Was it necessary to set the sub very low to get a balance on music?

I do envy you your remote control. Mine is downstairs making the tea. I find her rather insensitive in use. With slow reactions and a tendency to crank up the bass far too much! Cheap on batteries though! :D

Thanks for the reply Nimby... Like the sound of your remote.. possibly a lot more attractive but more expensive in the long run.. although your right.. batteries can be pricey
With the sub cut off I have it running at 33Hz which I find gives a nice tight sound when you set the volume of the input to around 60 (depends on the output of your amp & personal taste..different for everyone)
If you raise it to around the 65Hz mark (which is what I run in the car...totally different I know, but I tried that first) it tends to get a bit slow I find and not integrate as well.... but its good for when your demonstrating to tone deaf friends... otherwise they say they can't hear it (which is the point for me.. it integrates so well!)
So.. if you set it up properly and mute the LFE input when running stereo it sounds great, extending low frequency tightly without boom... turn the volume up a bit for home cinema and it really shakes the room..
Another long winded response comes to an end.. sorry guys!
Hope this helped.
i heard the Stampede in the REL room at Bristol.....and i fell asleep.!!
cyrusgod, which B&W did you have out of interest?
Just curious to what you are comparing it to.
Hi Stellavision,
I am running B&W CM4 for fronts, CM2 rears and the CMC centre. If you thought I meant sub I apologise I meant I was happy with the CM4s bass...
I hear some of the B&W subs around the £1000 mark are meant to be pretty good.. was going to get one but REL do such a good staff discount I couldn't resist ;)
I recently purchased a B&W ASW750. I would be interested to hear your comparisons if you have heard them both.
Stellavision... you lucky, lucky person!
I have not heard the B&W ASW750 but its spec looks amazing and people have told me positive things about it. I went for the Strata over REL Q400 which I believe is similar design to the B&W as downward firing subs are meant to be much better for music as they can match in with the system a lot easier.. This was what I was told after speaking to one of RELs technical team.... and from my experience at Sevenoaks I have to agree... The Strata III was great.. and I am really pleased with my 5...
I bet yours can really shake the room in home cinema though... 1000W and down to 15Hz.. wow!
Not wishing to sound in the least bit critical: :blush:
But never assume that something is great just because of the name, specs or price.
Unless it's an SVS! :D

What is an SVS? ;)
Originally posted by Nimby
Not wishing to sound in the least bit critical: :blush:
But never assume that something is great just because of the name, specs or price.
Unless it's an SVS! :D

As a former SVS owner I can vouch for the fact that the B&W's specs do actually make it a great performing sub and give SVS a very good run for their money.
Nimby, I agree you shouldn't go entirely on price/specs but having worked with some nice kit over the years (TAG/MF/Arcam etc..) unfortunately there is a link between what you pay and what you get... and although specs should at times be taken lightly when they come from someone like B&W or REL they tend to give a good idea as to the performance of a product..
So Stellavision... where did you get that name.. is it closely related to a well known beer and a heavy night?:p
Did you get a good deal on the B&W... As I said I was interested but my shop didn't have that model in to listen to.. and it is a little expensive... but if I had the money...
I'm just dreaming..:zonked: I graduate in a few months... can feel a graduate loan and some hefty upgrades coming on...
Originally posted by cyrusgod

So Stellavision... where did you get that name.. is it closely related to a well known beer and a heavy night?:p
Did you get a good deal on the B&W...
I like my Stella and when I've had too many I'm partial to beer goggles, where things like ugly women become attractive. I renamed this symptom as having Stellavision!:zonked:

As far as the deal goes, I bought 3 Kef KHT 9000's and the ASW750 for a total of £2500.
Not sure if I got the deal of the century, but I got about £200 off the total RRP!

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