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    For you information.

    Quake launch

    On the 1st of August REL will be introducing the new Quake. This is a new ultra-compact sub-bass system measuring a miraculous 29.4 x 25.3 x 27.2 cm (hwd). (These dimensions include feet and controls and is approximately 10 inch cube).

    Although its small size the QUAKE is powered by a 100 watt MOSFET amplifier connected to a very long throw 8” drive unit rated at 150W.

    It is downward firing and has an 8" driver.

    The inputs are: - single low level phono, high level neutrik 2.5 mm jack
    for connecting to PC.

    100 watts RMS output.

    Control as Q150E eg high and low level gain controls, roll off, mode
    switch and slam/depth switch.

    Available in Grittex and Cherry.

    The cost for the Grittex is £350.00 and the Cherry is £425.00

    See attachment for picture.

    There is also a ground switch which should eliviate any humming problems that plagued the Q150 when it was first launced.

    I have a larger and better quality picture (2.5mb)if any would like me to PM it to them. (You can clearly see/read the back panel)

    The attached picture is 300x300 as per forum regulations.


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