rel quake(new) with mission m74 and denon 3802



well the subject says it all.

what setup is best with the quake and denon with movies?

i understand that the m74s go down to 35hz(in theory)and the quake down to 23hz(also theory)

i wanted the quake for the lower frequency (felt than heard)but i understand that the postion 2 LFE bypass the internal filter, so the crossover frequency of the denon 3802(80hz the lowest) sets all bass from 80hz from main speakers down to the sub. is this right or have i got it all wrong? because the sub is just too boomy and lags afterwards. this is my first sub so im classed as a newbie for subs.
im using the lo-level connection and postion 2 on the quake, would the hi-level connection make an improvement?

to sum it up i wanted bass on the m74 down to its lowest(35hz)and the quake to kick in for the lower sounds. Can it be done?

if the answer is obvious please forgive my confusion.



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After reading the FAQ's and your still confused:

Set speakers to small on 3802 and position 2 on the Quake (see other threads re large and small if you have any questions)

If you listen to music use the high level lead connected to your amp as instructed and sub's high level crossover at about 40hz (use the direct mode on the denon which automatically sets the speakers back to large for music) and turn the sub output off by reducing the sub levels on the amp facia until it reads sub off. You will now only be getting bass under 40hz from the sub - adjust the high level volume to suit (only about a quarter when I had a quake)

Be carefull with the quakes volume as it can boom and try moving it around the room if the problem persists. Adding a few paving slabs to the bottom and top saled with blu tak also helps a great deal with this sub

I'm guessing your current problem is caused by your fronts and your sub 'competing' with each other seperate the two and you should be fine

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