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This might be a silly question, but unless I ask I won't learn.

I'm considering buying a Rel Quake subwoofer. I understand it's downfiring. What does this mean? The bass output aims downwards towards the floor?

If so, does the type of floor affect the effect of the sub, eg whether if I have a carpet or not? My room is carpetted, so will this be favourable to the performance of a downfiring subwoofer?



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You´ve answered your own question.:) Downward firing subs have the cones at the bottom of the "box" so they fire downwards at the floor.

Different surfaces are likely to give you different results whether its on a carpet or a hard surface. It should be ok on either though as most subs come with rubber feet or spikes or both so you can change. Some members have downward firing subs on carpet others have them on solid floors.


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Thanks for your reply Jase.

Is there an advantage with downfiring, as opposed to front or back fireing?

Albeit whether the sub vibrates or not on the floor/surface, will carpet absorb any of the LFE's, hence reduce the effect? I have a very thick carpet and wondered if that's favourable or not for the effect. I don't want to buy a damn good sub and have its performance impaired by my floor conditions.


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Originally posted by Dr.Rock
I don't want to buy a damn good sub and have its performance impaired by my floor conditions.

I think that downward firing subs are a little easier to place effectively in a room. The surface will affect the output slightly especially if it is firing onto a heavy carpet.

Try putting it on a solid slab. This may sound awful but it will look OK if you have the slab cut to size as it won't stick out.

If you insist on a very small sub, have a look at previous threads about REL Quake v MJ Acoustics Pro 50 before you make your mind up and bear in mind that for the same money you can have one of the big boys from the Power Buy forum.

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