REL Q400E and Linn Sizmik



I hope for your advise.
I want to buy a REL Q400E or a Linn Sizmik subwoofer.
I want to use both to HIFI and surround.
I have heard Sizmik. It is good to HIFI, but I think it is week to surround.
We have only one REL dealer in Denmark, and if I buy REL Q400E at him, he can't take it back again.
Will you advise me REL Q400E or Linn Sizmik?

Thank you very much.


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I have the REL so i can only tell you about that.
It is great for both musik and movies. But when bass goes below 20hz it drops fast. But to get a sub that continues well below 20hz you would probably have to pay alot more.
What prise do you get on the REL?
I paid 13000 Norwegian Kroner, today they are the same value as Danish Kroner.


To tell you the truth, I never heard the 400, I bought the Strata III based on extensive reading of users and reviewers recomendations, and then bought a second, it improves imaging and integration a lot...

I prefer down firing subs, easier to integrate and safer from kids, vacuum cleaners, less "visible", nicer looking...

I also think size beats watts anytime, and the Strata III is not that imposing, actually it looks small in the room...

I have read of several people that had Stadium, and replaced by Strata III, after testing, they say it integrates better for music, has to be the closed box...


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~Indeed if you require <20hz performance then size, either the driver itself (15" or greater) or a smaller driver (10 or 12") in a large tranmission line type arrangement enclosure is an inescapable reality, the air must be moved somehow, however there is a sensible line of thought that tight and fast is somewhat preferable to low and sloppy.
I have listened to both a Rel Strata, Storm and the Linn and on balance if those were my shortlist then i would choose the Storm.

None of the above are much if any use below about 28hz IMHO, i would ignore Mr. Rel's claim of 18hz @ -6db, we were getting ABSOLUTELY nothing at 18hz in a good sized room, great intergration and timing though.


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