Rel Q200E x 2


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For mainly the attention of Gary Lightfoot but others maybe interested.
How things have changed on the sub front !!!
here's my setup using 2 Q200E,BFD and a Denon AVCA1D.



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The subs are sandwiched by two slabs of marble 75cmx30cmx3cm
with rubber decoupling and protecting the subs top and botton.



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My speakers are set to small,the amp sends everthing below 80hz to the subs.
Subs set to mode2 bypassing ABC cct,[email protected],volume @quarter to 12.
Setup the BFD using both subs connected and managed a reasonable house curve with only 4 filters and both left and right engines enabled.
Did this ages ago and have not tweaked the subs since,they blend in well with my setup B&W CDM1SE,though with Gary messing around I may get the enthusiasm to have another play.


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I am looking at getting a 200 at the moment because I need something smaller than my 100 but it is not the prettiest sub in the world is it.


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Could sandwich the single sub with marble slabs and do some sort of grille assembly similar to mine if the marble overlapped the sub a little.

Peter Parker

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HI Rob,

Thanks for the pic - excellent idea - it looks like a single large speaker, and I love the removable grill!!

I was going to have mine either side of my center to balnce the look of things, and now that I've seen your grill, I may do something similar.

Something I picked up from RTFM (Jeff) was to lay some speaker grill cloth over the front of speakers if they are in any way distracting. It works a treat too. I bought a few meters from Maplins as they were local, but IPL do a lot of the stuff in various formats if anyone's thinking of doing the same thing.

I initialy had my sub on a small 12" square paving slab, which sat on two 69mm x 18mm strips of wood which had rubber attached to them. Out of curiosity, I bought a Gramma isolation base to see how that compared, and although it looks nicer, it hasn't made an audible difference to the sound. I think it does reduce the vibrations from the floor which was my main reason for buying it though. I've now got both subs side by side on it, but was going to make two mini Grammas myself, as they are just MDF wrapped in carpet with some high denisty foam 3" x 2" strips on the bottom, and some egg crate style foam betwen the strips. I'll take some pics and post them here when I do it.

Th Wickes Hamilton 12" square paving slabs are £1.49 each, and the 24" x 12" are £1.99. You can then paint them or cover them in carpet to stop them scratching the sub(s). I might try one to see what it looks like. Marble does look a hellava lot nicer I must say. :)

Of course, any slab will do, so just find the cheapest. Wickes Derby Grey 450mm x 450mm are just 99p each. :)

Where did you get the rubber from Rob?


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