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I am busy setting up my new Denon Avr 4500 and I wasn’t sure what settings to use on my Rel Q200 sub.

There are two lo level inputs ( 0 and -12db ) am using the 0 connection on the sub to Subwoofer 1 on the receiver , switch set to LFE, phase 0.

There are three control knobs,
Lo Level
Hi Level

What should these be set to before running Audyssey ?

Will the Hi level only be applicable if I was using the Hi level Neutrick cable so Is it the Lo control that I use and where do I set both of them ?

What about Rolloff, it’s from 26Hz to 106Hz or does this not function when using the Lo level input ?

Thanks for any advice



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Been a while since I had mine (18 years!) but if I remember correctly you want to use Mode 2 which is LFE at 0° Phase. Set the Lo Level volume/gain to around a third or halfway. Rolloff at it's highest setting as I'm not sure if it affects all inputs. The 0db Lo Level Input should be sufficient.

Edit. With regards to Rolloff I think that gets bypassed when using Mode 2 anyway. As I said, been a while since I had mine.

Hi Level adjustment is only for when you use the Neutrik connector.
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