REL Q200E - connection?


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Please help ... this is a novice's post so apologies in advance!

I've just bought one of these via eBay which has 2 x RCA connections (in addition to the Neutrik connector).

Unfortunately amp and in-wall wiring configuration only has 1 x subwoofer out, so... can i simply buy a subwoofer splitter to connect to the Rel subwoofer?

Would really appreciate any advice.


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The two RCA connectors allow you to input two channels. Just plug a single RCA into one of the connectors and you are good to go. If you are using it with multichannel av receiver it will have already combined the channels or will only deliver the .1 channel to the sub.

The REL manual for the Q200e does make reference to the fact that if only one RCA is connected, one of the RCA connectors is 0 and the other has a +10db gain. However I could never tell the difference.

Hope this information is of use. I do not have a copy of the manual to hand otherwise I'd scan it in for you. You should be able to find a copy on the net. I bought my q200e in the classified on here, and I have been very pleased with mine. I hope you enjoy your q200e as much as I have, it's a great little sub.

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