Rel Q150E Subwoofer

Just a couple of quickies....

How highly rated is this sub?
Would it improve on my Paragidn PS1000? (I have to admit, I do like the idea of a smaller sub)
How much do they usually go for 2nd hand?

Thanks in advance and I do apologies if this ground has already been covered.......


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I don’t like any of the current REL “Q” subs, and certainly I think that the Q150 is the worst of the lot (I haven’t heard the Quake). I actually bought the Q200, unheard over the ‘net, and rued the day I did. A lesson learnt, methinks. The q150 is like the Q200, small in size to appeal to those wanting less clutter, but worse with more compromises made. Now, I’m not saying this because Velodyne seem to be flavour of the month on this forum, I really do think that the REL Q range is very poor, and you are best looking as MJ Acoustics or the new B&W range.

The REL ST range is exceptional, though, if you can afford them or get them second hand.



Totally disagree.

Depends on your chioce of subject material.

Not to mention the speakers you are integrating it with.

As a general rule:
If you intend to use your sub with your system for listening to music then buy a strata.
If you intend to use your sub purely when viewing a movie then buy a "Q" range sub.

Ian J

Originally posted by stalefish
If you intend to use your sub purely when viewing a movie then buy a "Q" range sub.
Stalefish - I think that you are of date. I notice that you use a Q100 which is an excellent sub but later models appear not to be so good


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I've never tried the Q150, but I tried a Q200 at home for a couple of days. It's poor. The B&W ASW2500 I have now is much better.


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Agree with you 100% - the 2500 is/was an oft overlooked sub. It is very good having a well engineered driver and a powerful amp required of that design.
I think they are discontinnued, so you may be able to pick them up cheap, tee. It is quite small, and is a lot better than the PS1000.


Totally disagree...Depends on your choice of subject material.
I used to think this way when I had a PS1000, just as tee does. After a few sub purchases later (including a Q100, Q200 and REL Storm III), I now feel that there shouldn't be any difference in sub requirements, whatever the material. After all a boomy sub will boom no matter if it is reproducing the Blade 2 club scene or the 1812 Overture cannons.

So what sub do you all think I should go for 2nd hand (ie. reasonable price on a budget) to replace my PS-1000? I'm using Acoustic Energy Aegis Three fronts, One rears and an Aegis center speaker with a Denon 3802

All advice is appreciated :)


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Though this isn’t necessary, you could stick with the AE speaker brand and get the AE 308. It is supposed to be very good and costs about the same as the REL Q150 (with wood finish). I haven’t heard it myself, but as you already have AE speakers I would check this out if I were you, even if it is a bit more than you perhaps want to spend (£650, though I think you can get then cheaper).
There is the forum fav, Velodyne CHT 10 available on the Powerbuy section of this site. I wouldn't buy on with out first hearing what is sounds like, though.
I would also recommend the REL ST range. There are sometimes bargains to be had in the Classifieds section of these forums. The Strata III and Storm I or III (not sure if there ever was a II version) are best options, above that and prices tend to stay quite high. There was a Strata I, but I thought this was a little underpowered.
Again B&W make some cracking subs, like the 2500 or 650 but they don’t often appear as second hand buys (owners tend to keep them, perhaps?). When they do, they tend to go for less than you think because a lot of people don’t really think that B&W are worth as much as REL kit. The 650 is about £500 new from Superfi


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tee, can I ask why you are replacing the ps1000, just because I'm investigating getting a second hand sub and the occasional one is in my price range, (but if it isn't all that good then I may give it a miss and go without a sub for a while whilst I save up)


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All you people who said that the Q150 is poor - can you explain why. I haven't listened to many subs (I have heard the 150) and this info would be useful.

To me the 150 goes down very low, has plenty of power and is very unobtrusive, in what way is the 100 better?

it's probably the deepest sub for it's size at that price point (I do know that depth isn't everything, before someone tells me this).

It also seems to do well in all reviews! is it a subtle differance we are talking about or night and day.

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