REL Q100E Vs Paradigm PS1000


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Hi there, hope this hasn't been asked before, and I am guessing what the response might be, but going to ask your opinions anyway (note my system in my signiture) I am wanting to add a sub to my system for the really low down grunt involved in movies. The TDL's go low, but not flap your trouser legs feel it in your loins low. To cut a long story short Ive recently upgraded my DSPE390 prologic processor to a DSPE800 Dolby Digital/DTS and want to make full use of the LFE output. Have recently heard my brothers KEF 2500 system with sub and liked the low levels that made, hence am now looking for a sub to compliment my system. NB the sub is NOT for music, just movies. I have the chance of buying a REL Q100E for a nice price and have also seen a Paradigm PS1000 for even less. As funds are EXTREMELY tight the PS1000 looks favourite, but I am guessing it would be easily outperfomed by the REL. Can anyone out there that has heard both the above Subs let me know what they think I should do..
If I went for the REL I would be skint, but I can audition that first, whereas the Paradigm, I can't.


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Hi David,
The Paradigm is not a bad budget sub, I had one for 4 years, but the IMHO the REL is a better sub, less wham bam thank you mam :)

Best thing would be to try to get to hear both yourself.



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I concur with John.
The 100e has something of a budget classic status.



I went from the Paradigm to the REL.I found the REL had to be very well placed to get the best out of it.Back to back the REL is a far more precise and accurate,the paradigm does go low and lound,but with out the finesse of the REL.
Saying that,i did miss the presence the paradigm created(plus i found it easier to place).Some would describe it as "loose" or "Flabby" bass,but in my opinion it really is an ideal "movies " your face,loud.

Dave H

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I think the Rel is the better sub but it depends how much more the Rel is than the Paradigm.

cheers Dave.


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Well in terms of cost, the Paradigm's are on ebay, and over the last week two have gone for £135 and £150 respectively (plus no doubt about £20 postage). One of the current two on there is at £110, the other (which has had no bids so far) is at £85 - the auctions for both of these finish this weekend.

The REL is £189 (!) and I may be able to get it a touch cheaper. The REL I am driving 100 miles and back to audition so add £20 in petrol...

I am swayed towards the REL TBH.

I have a very neutral, almost clinical sounding system - the Audiolab / TDL combo is very neutral, and the Arcam and Pioneer are slighlty cold, metallic, hence the subwoofer may add some warmth to the system too.

What do you guys think?

Cheers for the advice : )


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