REL Q100 - humming in 1 mode



I have just bought a REL Q100 and when i demo'ed it all was fine, after driving 100 odd miles and plugging it in my system it now humms?? It humms when just the power is connected so i guess it is the earth problem i read about in an earlier post but i really need a bit of backup before i start butchering my power lead as i think if it came with an earth it is probably there for a reason. Also in depth mode it humms alot less but also produces a lot less sound? and i must admit even in slam mode it still doesent really do a lot! only the big obvios stuff. Is there a cure for this...please!! oh yeah if you touch the back on the metal bit it makes the humming get louder, I have had a look and no loose wires.

any advice is very appretiated.

thanks :D
Firstly, I cannot remember if the q100 is double insulated or not. Does it have the square inside a square printed on it?.

Secondly, it is earth loops that cause hum in most cases, without any connections there can be no loops. I think you should get a decent connection to say the low level input, from a piece of equipment with a good ground connection. I think your q100 is floating with respect to ground and that is why the hum gets louder as you put your hand near the front panel.

Hum, its a complete nightmare, if you dont have a decent ground you could get hum, then again if you earth it you could introduce an earth loop then you get hum. The good news is that you demo'd it and it was ok, so its just down to finding the problem.

Humming is well documented on this forum if you do a search you might find a post that helps.

Good Luck
Thanks Dan Gleebles for helping out, it was an earth problem. I have had it looked at by my local rel dealer and it needed some soldering work, but all is well now:D .....or so i thought... i was using a marantz sr4200 amp and getting less than what i expected in return from a £500 sub:( , whilst using the marantz i was getting some of the range of sound but not all, and not really impressed with the setup.
I took the sub to a friends house and plugged it in to a high end denon amp and was amazed at how cheaky this little bugger was!! it had a good go at all signals thrown at it:) and even tried to remove the door from it's hinges!!
the owner of the amp has a servo 15, and this put me to shame quite a bit as this was more interested in taking my shoes off and empyting my pockets of loose change than geting me involved in a film (absolute animal)(but damn fine fun!). (turn it down gary it's not a weapon! :D !!!)

many thanks as it no longer humms and i am happy:D


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