Rel Q-Bass Vs Paradigm PDR-10......


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Hi everyone! :hiya:

I'm using an older Paradigm PDR-10 at the moment which i've been pretty happy with, the whole (but short) time i've owned it.

But a couple of days ago I took a chance (no idea why!) and bought a Rel Q-Bass for the astronomical (!) amount of £65 delivered :rotfl:

As the Q-Bass is quite old now I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips/reviews/pointers/info etc about the Rel, as i'm struggling to find much on the net about it.

My main worry is that it only packs 40 watts and my living room is a little on the large side, 4.2m x 7m so i'm worried it might not fill it too well. Although I don't like too much bass, and tend to have my subs on very low. Also my crossover is set 50hz as my fronts handle lower frequencies quite well, and i'll be using it 50/50 music and movies.

Any advice/info is much appreciated and thanks in advance!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


A mate has the Rel Q100E, which is the later version of the Q-Bass. Compared to my 20-39 the Rel Q100E is miles behind the 20-39 PC Plus when it comes to AV. Still for £65 it's ok. I'd use it just for music, where you don't need such output or LF.


My mates got the Rel Q-Bass but it wasn't all that, I gave him my PDR-10 as I picked up the 309i for £25!!!! :D

Personally, PDR-10 is much better :)


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Well I thought i'd stick an update on here incase anyone wanted to know how I got on......

I tried the Q-Bass and thought it was rubbish, so went back to the PDR-10 for a while and then I struck a deal with a lovely forum user named crobo, and with his help I bought myself a REL Q150E which is perfect for my room and will be a part of my set up for quite a while I think!!......

.....well until I can afford a Q400E!! :smashin:

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