REL 212 low LFE signal level and REL not interesting in fixing.


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I bought a second hand 212 and the high level inputs work fine, as expected. The LFE input however is so low that with the dial at max gain the Denon setup is barely getting into the green "sub is ok" level to start setup.

Previous subs are a REL storm 5, and dual BK XXLS400's. I also have REW which confirms what I'm seeing. Same cables, position etc used for direct swap between 1 xxls400 (for example) which ends up with a gain of about 10 ockock on the dial, which is about right. So no faults with any other part of the gear.

REL was contacted and continued to send me" setup for dummies" emails and eventually stopped responding, even when contacted through the NZ distributor.

This thing has a gain problem on the LFE input, and the only way to fix it, it seems, is to buy a very expensive complete new amplifier plate.

Thoughts? If I had bought it new no problems I guess.


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When you bought it second hand, was it faulty straight away or did the low level input go faulty weeks/months after buying?

If it was faulty as soon as you got it home I'd say the seller knew it was faulty.

One possible work around is to get a small amplifier use lfe pre out from the avr, into the amplifierhen wire high level to the rel.

Doesn't have to be anything powerful a cheap t amp will be ok


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Yes it was bad straightaway. The seller didn't want to know about it

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