Reinstalling Windows 7 on another computer.


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Hi guys and gals.

I recently purchased Windows 7. Preferred my XP so reinstalled that.

I have now sold my windows 7 home premium (I had activated it in the hope it would grow on me, but just can't get to grips with it)
How can the person that purchased it from me, install and activate now as they are getting a message saying that it had previously been registered?

Any help appreciated.



If your copy of Win7 was an OEM version then it can not be legally installed on any other PC - even though you have uninstalled it. OEM software is locked to the first PC it gets installed on.
If the Win7 was a full retail version then it can be installed on as many PC's as you want - but only on a single PC at any time. If the gives a phone number then just call that and it should be activated easily.



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As long as it is the retail version, it should activate fine. If not just ring the on screen number when prompted.

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