Regional releases - comparisons of quality rather than content... where?


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Just been having a browse of www.dvdcompare.org.uk. It seems to supply quite comprehensive descriptions of differences in content between different DVD versions of the same film. But (for the films I've checked out so far, anyway) it doesn't seem to have much to offer in terms of quality comparisons - which version actually looks or sounds better because of the way it has been mastered. I would like someone to tell me "the NTSC version is particularly prone to NTSC motion aretfacts" or "the PAL version has especially objectionable sonic artefacts", and so forth. Can anyone suggest a good place to find quality comparisons like this?

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www.michaeldvd.com.au will tell you exactly what you're after with regards to PAL - and they make comparisons with the NTSC. It's Region 4, but our Region 2s tend to use the same master and have the same transfer so it's worthwhile.

BTW, DVDCompare will usually tell you if one region has a particular bad transfer.
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