Regional hack for Toshiba HD DVD players?


Why is it taking so long for a regional hack to appear for the SD DVD side of the current crop of Toshiba HD DVD players? In the early days of DVD it seemed like the multi-region hacks were appearing within days of the players coming to market.

What's the problem this time?


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Must admit it doesn't bother me, but I do agree it's strange. Didn't some kid crack the iPhone a few days ago? Someone send him a Toshiba HD player!


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What's the problem this time?
It could be that the firmware keeps being updated. Which version of firmware do you produce a hack for? Or you need a hack that is firmware independent.


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I bet it'll take all of 5 minutes for a hack to the Venturer player.

Once that happens, the Toshibas will soon follow.

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As I posted elsewhere, Samsung Dual format likely will also spring a hack fairly soon after release. That should also add impetus.


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