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Does anyone know if it is possible to change the regional channel you see on channels such as BBC and itv?

The reason I ask is that I live about 2 miles from a relative and whilst I get BBC South, he gets BBC London and would rather get BBC South and other southern regional channels!

I have added BBC South to his favourites but its still a bit of a pain for him to find (being all the way down in the 900 range!) and I was wondering if there is anyway of changing the regional settings/channels.

The regions are allocated by the post code to which the card was issued and these are set by the BBC and ITV - if it is a Freesat card Sky will never change it AND if a subscription card they will only change it if you move house.


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Thanks for that.

Is it worth phoning Sky (is it ever worth phoning sky :D )? Can they change it if requested?

I think the card was originally registered against the post code where it is still in use.


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turned lnb a few degrees went from west mid to east mid

It doesn't matter what you do with your LNB. It is still connected to a dish that is connected to a house that is standing in a particular post code. Moving the lnb won't relocate the house :confused:


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The post code is the inportant bit if you live in scotland you get BBC1 scotland you live in london then its BBC1 London, and if you move without telling sky the box will still think its in the wrong code.

So the LNB dish wont do a thing other than give you no satelite signal

The only problem with this is you might live just across the road from someone and if they have a diferrent postcode they might be on a different region regardless of what you might get with the standard TV signal


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Sadly as already stated you would require a post code in the region you wish to view, i suppose if he had a willing friend he could use there address.

One thing to note with sky is that even if you do phone up and change your address with them, it can take numerous phone calls before the regions are changed. Another problem with the infamous chordiant system :thumbsdow

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