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maybe i have been misled in my past.. but i have always been led to believe that region 2's have better picture quality (twice the lines or whatever) maybe i am wrong on this?

after getting my player (pio 668) multi region i was able to play shrek.. and to my suprise i could use prog scan (the first time i ever had a prog scan player) .. i also thought that prog scan needed a prog scan display adaptor to work ( afaik my sony fs76 isnt prog ).. after watching the movie.. i was amazed at the improvement in picture quality that prog scan made. shrek never looked so real :D..

basically i was waiting untill finding nemo came out on region2 as i thought the picture quality would be better than if i got a R1 . after watching shrek i am now thinking if i buy Finding nemo on Region 1 (with using prog scan) is the picture quality going to be better than Finding nemo region 2 (i have tried prog scan on R2's and the pic gets worse)

so basically.. R1 or R2? (for picture quality)

that makes sense to me, but sorry if it doesnt to you :)

thanks in advance

Been asked so many times before. And you get three sorts of answers:

1) Those that cite the theoretical benefit of PAL over NTSC - 576 lines as opposed to 480 - and the 3:2 pulldown judder issue - as making PSAL better.

2) Those that cite the 4% speedup of PAL as an issue

3) Those that subjectively have compared the two.

Type 3, typically, form the view that, despite the theoretical differences, there actually isn't anything between them. There are too many other factors - mainly standard of mastering, that have a greater effect on PQ than PAL or NTSC does.

As for the benefit of Prog Scan - depends on the display device. Some devices have (or are) such good scaler/deinterlacers that they are best left to unravel a regular (interlaced) signal for themselves.

And others are at their best when driven progressively.

Either way, a half decent scaler/deinterlacer does away with NTSC's 3:2 pulldown judder. I don't get any judder.

Newer high-end DVD players are beginning to offer PAL progressive. So this particular 'benefit' of NTSC over PAL is disappearing. Back to square one.

Sits back and waits for a barrage of comment from the "PAL has more lines so it is better" brigade. All other things being equal (and aside from the 4% speedup) it is. But all other things are never equal.
Originally posted by Zoidy
maybe i have been misled in my past.. but i have always been led to believe that region 2's have better picture quality (twice the lines or whatever) maybe i am wrong on this?
No idea why the 668 is producing naff R2 prog. scan, its' specs would imply it can do PAL prog.

However, your PAL vs. NTSC question: NTSC has 480 scan lines while PAL has 576 so in theory there's about 20% more detail in a PAL image than NTSC .. however in practice there are a large number of factors that mean that doesn't happen in real life. I'm no expert so can't explain why, but in real-life R2/PAL DVDs are seldom much better PQ wise as the R1/NTSC equivalent.

There are several factors which can affect one's choice of NTSC vs. PAL, some technical like the 4% PAL speed-up, image judder on 60Hz displays, better transfers from film to DVD etc. etc.

The R1 vs. R2 is a perennial debate, as evidenced by the innuerable threads on this subject. :)
mmm.. mostly over my head :D .. ill try and convince a friend to buy a regio 1 whilst i buy the reg 2 and swap accordingly
I guess both of us should have said.........

R1 discs are always NTSC format.
R2 discs are almost always PAL format.

It is not the region but the video format that makes any difference.

Does this help with your reading of my first reply?

As to your last comment about buying 2 could do. And you may end up with an example where the PAL item is better.

But the next one you buy might be the opposite........
i worked out the pal ntsc issue ;) . but i get the general idea.. there is no general rule about 1 being better than the other. i have got finding nemo round here somewhere.. a naughty copy thing.. of a region one.. but plays as a region 2.. trying to find it to try prog scan on ;)
I`m still trying to work out how switching the PS output on the player to on is making a difference on a TV that doesn`t do progressive or even have a component input :confused:
so am i heh.. but the picture is alot better with prog scan button pressed.. i am a newb to it all.. but i know when the picture quality gets better :) ive only got rgb scart ..

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