Region Hack for NAD T524 & T533 & perhaps more


1. Power On.

2. Display indicates "No Disc".

3. Press "Pause" button on remote control.

4. Press Numbers "3 1 4 1 5 9".

5. Display now indicates "Code--".

6. Quickly press region code ("0" is for all regions).

7. Press "Pause" again to save settings.

8. Power Off.

DVD player is now region-free permanently, until you do thwe hack again and select a different region. Don't know how many times this can be done


This is not working with my NAD T533!!!
Any other hints?



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Doesn't work on my Dutch, region 2, China built T-533. S/N: L3YT53301884

I got it to work with the LG 6000 patch:
1. Make a CD-R or CD-RW with a ISO9660 file system.
So that's NO DVD, NO JOLIET, NO UDF. Put the folder from the archive on the CD, you should have one folder, containing one folder, containing one file. That file is only 4 bytes. Like this: \RMTM0000\SCARLET\KPJC19_1.DVD
2. Switch on your T-533, insert the CD, close the drive
Maybe you'll have to press play but mine auto played.​

3. You'll get a text screen showing this:
Region Management Test Mode
Press new region number_0-6_ : _
Press PAUSE key to exist
The display shows:

Enter your favorite region on the remote, I'd suggest 0 for region-free. I'm not really sure what is needed from the following things I did: press Enter on the remote, press power switch on T-533 front panel, press power switch again. There's no decent feedback to when you've successfully changed the code.​

4. You should see the same menu.
But then showing the current region to be 0 (or whatever you told it to be)​

I succesfully tested R1 Invader Zim S1/1 and R2 The Dark Knight SE. No fails so far.
There's also an LG 5000 file with the same name but 5 MB (zipped: 5kB), it showed me the menu but didn't change the code.
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