Region free viewing even on an RPC 2 drive.


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My Dad asked if I could flash upgrade his laptops DVD-ROM drive to make it region free.

Unfortunately it's an LG drive that has no hacked firmware available, so I told him he was out of luck.

But yesterday I found this piece of software. It claims to be able to "free" even RPC 2 (or region specific) drives.

So I bought it.

DVD Region Free

It works. It takes a bit of tweaking in the settings and it seems to work better on Power DVD than WinDVD. But it delivers the results.

A lifeline to lots of people with region locked drives.


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Yes, I used Farenzo's Firmware page to verify that there was not any current region solution. Here's the specific text:

LG DRN-8040B (4X/24X)
(Known firmware : 1.09)
No RPC-1 solution available (and probably never).

Now I've flashed upgraded over a dozen drives over the last few years, and it comes with a specific set of risks. The worst being drive failiure.

The software I referred to, bypasses the need to risk a flash upgrade. It works on drives that are RPC 2 and even those that have had there five changes.

I've tried every single upgrade of this software and can get no further than the odd jitter, skipping through the disc, and a black screen. I have a Mat****a SR8175 dvd rom drive on a Panasonic laptop I bought in Singapore earlier this year. What's frustrating is that on some versions the software even convinces Windvd that the region is what ever I set it to through dvdidle, yet it won't get any further than what I've said above.

Maybe one day.....


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I bought a Toshiba SD-M1612 a couple of days ago. No firmware was available for my particular version and hardware revision which has never happened to me before. I was gutted as I thought I'd have to wait ages :(

I posted a request on the forums associated with the firmware page (along with a couple of other people) and the Slovenian administrator replied the next day with a link to the firmware flash. Worked great and am now running DVD Region Killer with it :)

The Tosh firmware can't be downloaded without an EPROM reader so I was very impressed that they got an RPC-1 version out so quickly.

Lesson: It's worth checking the forums there as they release the flashes onto the forums for testing before putting them on the main firmware website.

The way that firmware works within DVD-ROM drives varies so much between manufacturers (some are really nasty about - presumably they want to sell fewer drives :rolleyes:) that it's no surprise to me at all that this software does not work with all drives. The way that the OS deals with the region locking aspects is also of importance - and it can be changed in an instant with a service pack update so beware!

For the record, my Tosh came with WinDVD so I thought I'd try it as I've been a PowerDVD fan for years. Sadly, WinDVD just doesn't cut the mustard in my view. PowerDVD all the way (especially the deluxe version)! :D


I had a Matsu****a SR DVD-ROM in my laptop that I flashed successfully. Is an RPC-1 firmware flash not available on the firmware pages?

However, I recall one Matu****a drive that couldn't be RPC-1 flashed at all because some parts of the region checking took place outside of the firmware :rolleyes:

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