Region free firmware for Mat****a Sr-8587 5z37


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can anyone point me in the direction of this as I only have one region change left and want to make it region free.


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Go here first:


Click on the Utilities section and download DriveInfo. This will check the status of your drive (RPC 1 or 2) and tell you if you need to flash the firmware. If you do need to do this then the firmware for your drive is alo on the site above. Make sure you are familiar with the process though so read the faq's etc. beforehand.

If all goes to plan and depending on you OS, you may still need some Region Free software.

RegionKiller is a good piece of software:


Alternatively if you do not want to go through all of the above, you can just buyDVD Region Free. See the following thread for more info:


Any questions, just ask :).


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not entirely confident in doing this to be honest, not terribly worry about the drive itself, but it would be nice to have it region free. I'm using Windows ME (yes I know:rolleyes: ) and the release notes say it needs to be run in DOS proper.

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You just gotta boot to a DOS prompt or boot from a startup disk. If you create a startup disk, then put the flash files on that disk as well.

The important thing is to make sure you've downloaded the right flash file for your drive and your drive's firmware revision.
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