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I have bought loads of Region 1 DVDs from, CDWOW and others, but now that I have a PS3 from Hong Kong (one with a memory card slot, 80GB and 4 USB sockets) I need to find a reliable source for Region A Blu-Ray disks

Who would you recommend ?
(and I do know that many are region free, but we often dont get that confirmed until they have been released a while)

Thanks !!

Mark Antony

Novice Member - customs friendly as ships from within UK
DVD Pacific

Both great service and generally the cheapest prices


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PlayUSA sell most new releases for £17.99, now slightly cheaper than Movietyme. :thumbsup:


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i've got a ps3 bought in singapore here in the UK and I get my blu-rays from and PlayUSA.

While as the previous poster said you don't get duty charges from PlayUSA, at Amazon its a bit like Russian Roulette - if customs don't check, you get it cheaper than PlayUSA and you get a much wider range of stuff too!

Just ordered Band of Brothers and Godfather Trilogy: Coppola Restoration from there...good stuff :D

Indiana Jones

For my Region A Blu-rays I use...

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