region 3 dvd,s any good?


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can anyone tell me if the region 3 discs quality is good.
i,ve seen many good deals on cdwow and wanted to know if picture quality was the same as region 1 and 2.
thanks in advance. :thumbsup:


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I've been impressed so far. They are NTSC instead of R2 PAL ie equiv to R1...PJ


How can you ask if a whole region is "any good"? There are good R3 releases and bad R3 releases, just like any other region.

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generally region 3 DVDs particularly of new releases of films from the major studios are at the very least equivalent to region 1/region 2 DVDs, sometimes better with the addition of DTS over other regions or nicer packaging /limited editions


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I've found that the major releases on R3 are no different to it's R1/R2 equivalents. My R3 collection has grown quite rapidly over the last 6 months.

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