Region 1 USA players and PAL support


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Jul 26, 2001
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I was looking at new players online the other day and alot of sites that advertise multiregioned players said that "to play PAL movies your display device must be able to handle a 50hz PAL signal" or words to that effect.

I thought nothing more of this until tonight, whilst looking for a new player i noticed machines like the 905sony do not have component outputs and this is a must for me.

Thinking back 5 years, which was the last time I bought a region 1 player I remeber the US machines could never be modded for region 2, well they could but only NTSC, so Jap films only.

So are the new NTSC machines capable of PAL region 2 now ???

just that they us versions all have component so it would give me a far greater choice than I get here.
I can't answer that question but do a search on R1 players, there are additional issues to be considered when purchasing a US player.
In short I rekon you can find a R2 model to match your requirements with little or no addtional expenses but instead less hassle, less cabling (no step-down transformer required) and less problems in case of warranty.
There are two issues here;
1: The ability of your DVD player to handle both NTSC and PAL formats;

2: The ability of the TV to display both NTSC and PAL pictures.

That is because the player is not necessarily a converter; it just plays what it's given.
My UK (= PAL) multi-region Toshiba will also play NTSC region 1 discs, but my TV has to (and can) handle the NTSC output of the player.
The reverse would be true as well; a multi region American player will output a PAL signal when playing a PAL disc, that your TV will have to handle...

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