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Is there still a market for region 1 DVDs? I have a box full, but with some nice pieces.

Ideally I'd like to sell in bulk but don't think they worth much. I've attached a pic of some of them.

Is anyone interested in a bulk sale in the midlands, they are in Newark upon Trent for location.

Or would it be advised to eBay them?




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I’ve got the same issue. Also have that copy of Halloween too!! Pretty much worthless and the masses probably don’t understand what a multi region DVD player is now.

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Worthless unfortunately. You can't even give them away these days.


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I literally travelled to the US a couple years ago with all my luggage allowance with Region 1 DVD's. A couple hundred discs, think I made around $150 and that was as store credit. A very dark day.

That said, I do remember dreaming about getting that Nightmare on Elm Street box set (no pun intended) back in the day!


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Those titles are mainstream & pretty common, as well as only in SD.
Anyone willing to part with good money for a good physical title would probably already own these in HD/4K as well.


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I usually do surprisingly well selling my unwanted discs on eBay. Admittedly most are Blu-ray now. The only caveat unless they are a rare special edition or lean toward the more independent, cult or arty section of the market they are worthless. I tried selling Ghostbusters once. In the end I gave up and threw it away. Same with Nolan's Batman trilogy. Everyone has these movies, multiple times.


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Wow that is sad indeed, I don't want to think how much I spent on them. How times have changed. Might be worth a shot at eBay or buy a multi region player and keep them.


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It’s very sad but they are probably only good for coasters. It’s the downside of collecting. Apart from a window in steelbooks there’s never been a resale value in physical media. For R1 it’s zero I’d guess, especially for a DVD

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