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Anyone know of a good supplier for R1 Discs which are cheap and include delivery, either in the UK or abroad.


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check these 2 dvd prices search engines - and here for checking about retailers opinion and on this forum at the dvd section, but beware no retailer is perfect, for example dvdsoon, I have never had any problems whatsoever with them, which I think goes for majority of customers here but there are those that got bad luck and bad customer service, and their opinions will be heard on both forums.

Also there seem to be risks of custom charges when ordering from playusa and cd-wow if you order over 18pounds.

Update! it seems that dvdsoon is also being targeted! They have to declare the full value on the sticker.

Now that USD is very weak, do have a check on as well, well good prices. Canadian www.dvdcellar is also extremely cheap now, at the same league as dvdsoon.

finally, don't forget to check the bargains department here.



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I use alot (along with mainly because it keeps my credit card details stored so I dint have to keep asking the misses for the credit card every time I want to order a disk :)



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