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Regarding VGA problems with an Acer X223W monitor.



Hey guys,

I am new here (although I have been a bit of a lurker and read these forums in the past), but I was hoping that you could help me out.

I recently bought an Acer X223W 22inch monitor for use with my PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. However, although VGA runs fine with my PC, when I try to run my 360 on this monitor I get a number of problems. First of all the colours are completely washed out. It's almost as though I was looking at over exposed film. Anything remotely white loses all detail and all the other colours appear smudged and somewhat blurry. It's so bad, I can't see the '360' part of the "Xbox 360" on the boot screen ("360" is in green while the "Xbox" part is in black). Secondly, I get a very 'staticy' picture which further detracts from the image, and thirdly, I get a number of gray horizontal lines which move slowly from the bottom of the monitor to the top.

Suffice to say that it's practically unusable under this conditions. I've tried to tweak all the settings, but I can't drastically improve anything. Now, here comes the weird part: Over VGA it runs fine on PC. No problems at all, the picture looks great. Over DVI, the picture looks even better.

Before you suggest that it's my 360 or the cable I used, I seriously doubt it, as I had my old Viewsonic 2025WM right next to the X223W and was swapping the VGA cable as I went to see exactly how washed out all the colours were. The Viewsonic, with the same 360 and the same cable gave me a crisp, clean perfect picture.

I'm all out of ideas, the store I got it from told me they couldn't take it back because it ran perfectly on their test machine (of course; it's a PC), so I'm stuck with it. Any help would be excellent, thanks!


Yeah, I also went through and tried all the video options and all resolutions to see if it got better or worse. It stayed the same.

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