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Reviewed by Mark Botwright, 1st November 2011.
Regan is a wonderful time-capsule of a film, a window into a world that no longer exists, but the key inhabitants, the police we follow, still arguably struggle with the same issues to this day. John Thaw plays the gruff politically incorrect wayward copper who refuses to play by the rules to a tee, looking every inch a man both beaten down by life and invigorated by the challenges he faces. Even he though must take second stage to the setting itself, a London full of characters, brimming with working class atmosphere in an era before yuppies and gastro pubs. You can almost smell it. Now just don’t mention the remake.

The Region Free disc is a bit hit-and-miss, with some targets being easier to predict than others. The 16mm film stock was never going to offer the greatest upgrade, but the lossless mono track could have been a belter, yet it falls beneath the Dolby Digital offering in almost all areas. Extras are miserly, only a commentary track that dawdles and a music only track for those wanting their tunes unsullied by sound effects.

Hard hitting, darkly amusing and bursting with authenticity, Regan on Blu-ray remains only a partial success due to some rough edges and material that was always likely to fail to show the upgrade to a high storage medium in a comprehensive manner.

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