Rega Planar 8 Turntable Review & Comments


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Fabulous review.


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What a wonderful beastie! ... I currently use a slightly older RP6 which I'm sticking with for now, but one of these days ...

Apparently the Planar 10 is not far away from being available ... the next step up the Rega ladder!


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I'm very happy. Easy to set up and plays records a lot better than my last TT (as one would expect). I'm hearing details on my albums that I didn't hear before.

This was an expensive buy but I will likely have this TT the rest of my life and you can't take your money with you. :D


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@Ed Selley

I think you said in your GR review you spent a fair bit of time with the SL1200G. Would you say the G better than the P8?


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Hi everyone, just bought this turntable with the Ania Pro MC cartridge and the Rega Aria phono stage from DNA Audio in Leeds. Sounds absolutely amazing to my ears. A big step up from my RP6/Exact MM combo that I bought 5 years ago :)


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Great review, interesting option, and from I hear it’s a great turntable, but, I will not be persuaded to invest as I still yearn for my own personal grail turntable, the Roksan Xerxes.


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Just upgraded from a Rega Planar 6 with Ania and Phono MC. Can't fault this combination, it's provided several years of enjoyment with excellent quality reproduction of my vinyl collection. However, the Planar 8, Ania Pro and Aria is just incredible. A significant step up.
I was toying with the idea of changing my ATC SCM40's as I considered these the weak link in the system, so pleased I upgraded the source, as all that's said about these speakers is true. They will absolutely reproduce the quality of the signal they receive. The bass is deeper/clearer, separation of instruments improved, soundstage widened/deeper, no sibilance on LP's that I found difficult to listen to before(this must be difference the fine line stylus of the Pro over the elliptical Ania).
Absolutely chuffed to bits.
Discogs is going to get a right hammering this week.

As a side note. I had a really annoying hum in both channels on first setting up. After starting from scratch again and taking the trouble to isolate mains cables from phono - pre amp - amplifier interconnects and speaker cables - just being a bit OCD tidy - the hum completely disappears.
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