Rega planar 3 with Sony dn1080 AV receiver.


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Hey guys.

I have a rega p1 and I hook it up to my Sony avr dn1080 and my whardale 220s. (which are also part of my surround sound system).

But I was thinking of upgrading to the rega planar 3 with exact cartridge.

Do you think my setup is good enough for the rega p3?

I don't really have the space for separate stereo speakers for it. I could consider upgrading my front stereo speakers but then they won't fit tonally with the other wharfdale speakers I have in my home cinema setup.

I also live in a flat so I can't exactly use high volumes



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What cartridge are you using with the P1 and are you just plugging gate Rega into the phono input on the Sony. If so you could upgrade the cartridge to the AT VM95ML for around £150 and add a IFI Zen Phono for another £150, both of these would likely bring the performance up to a point where the AVR is the limiting factor. One thing to note with the Exact is that you can’t change the stylus on it, if it breaks or when it is due for replacement you have to buy a whole new cartridge (there Amy be trade in deals), most other cartridges have replaceable stylus, many also use a single cartridge body and have several stylus you can fit to it.


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I'm using the carbon. I've kinda already set the wheels in motion in buying thr rega p3 with exact. I was loolokg at just upgrading parts of thr p1. But the price ended up being not far off a p3 and I thought I'd treat myself. Then realised that maybe my equipment isn't good enough for it...

I'm using the rega phono mini, then connected to my Sony avr.


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Not sure what your timing is for the P3 but was told by local stockist last week there’s a Rega £ increase on July 1st
Glass this time apparently 🤷🏻‍♂️ RP2 is up £25 to £500,

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