Rega planar 1/Sony ps 22 please help


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Hi everyone

advice please, I’ve got a teac ar 650 mk 2 amplifier that has a built in phono stage I want to run two turntables off it independently a rega planar 1 and a Sony ps 22. Only one deck will be used at a time and I was wondering is there a way that they can both be plugged into the phono stage of the amp, I’ve been told not because of grounding issues therefore I’ll need a preamp. I know both turntables work with this amplifier the Sony has a ground wire where as the rega doesn’t. Do I really need a preamp? Like I said both turntables work when plugged into the phono stage and only one turntable would be active at a time, is there a lead that will split the phono stage so I can have them both plugged in. Apologies if I’m talking nonsense a novice when it comes to turntables. Many thanks


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You could try some thing like this to switch between turn tables.

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Alternatively you will need a phono stage/preamp on one of the turntable which would then plug into a line level input e.g. aux, cd, tuner etc. The Behringer PP400 is about the cheapest and will do a job, next up is the Project Phono E at around £500 iirc.

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I wouldn't advise two decks into one input TBH as there could be hums & other problems. The easiest way is to buy an inexpensive phono stage (I assume that's what you mean by a preamp). Plug one of the turntables into that then the preamp into one of the spare line inputs on the amp (e.g. aux, tuner).. The other deck can be plugged directly into the amp's phono stage. That would allow you to easily switch between the two by changing the inputs on the amp. Hope that helps.

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