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Rega Planar 1 pairings


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Been out of the HI FI separates for a while - moved house/kids which resulted in kit being put up in loft. But looking now to get started back into it - and to get back into Vinyl. So my question - if I get the Rega Planar 1 (which I've pretty much decided on) how will it get on with my soon to be reserected 90's kit - namely Rotel RCD965x CD player, Pioneer A300X amp and pair of Tannoy 605's SE's - I'd really like to avoid having to spend a lot - at least in first instance - might look at upgrading over time once I get it all set up - any thoughts appreciated. Thanks Rob


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I would suggest you get the Planar 1 with Performance Pack, and save the need to upgrade the cartridge in the near future.

The CD Player might have some belts that have dried out over the years, equally the oil might have dried out, but overall it should be fine. The CD Standard has been locked for decades, so if it works, it works.

The amp will depend on how it was stored. If in a box or covered dust will not be much of an issue, however if stored in the open, then dust could be a problem. I suggest you first brush any internal dust loose, then blow it away with a air compressor or with some canned air. Be careful if you use an air compressor as they can be pretty powerful.

Then it is matter of hoping the controls haven't become dirty or corroded. Within limits that can be dealt with too, but I can't speak about something I can't see, so missing details, I can only generalize.

The likely problem with the speakers, aside from Dust, is the Surrounds, that rubber or foam ring that attaches the Cone to the Frame. Especially if these are Foam, they can deteriorate over time, and in some cases disintegrate. Lightly touch the rings and see if the feel gritty or crumbly, or have disintegrated to some degree. If the Surround Rings are good, then the speakers should work fine.

All decent equipment, and no reason, other than the things mentioned, why they won't work with your turntable.

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Thank you for comprehensive reply - that gives me comfort that I should be ok until decide to upgrade at some point in future.



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