Rega P2 humming, but only in my house


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Hi there,

I have recently purchased an Onkyo A9010, Dali Zensor 3 speakers and a Rega P2. However, I am having an issue with what at first glance is something that has been discussed on a number of occasions, but one that I think is actually different to other threads.

When my amp is set to the phono channel, there is a noticeable hum regardless of whether the TT is plugged in to the mains or not (but obviously hooked up to the phono connection). I have had it checked by two separate hifi stores (both Rega dealerships) and both indicate that there isn’t an issue.

The humming itself increases as I move my hand closer to the tonearm and even more so when I touch any part of it. This happens regardless of the floor in my house I try it on, and I have also tried it with a pre-amp hooked up to another amp. I can remove the hum, if I touch the underside of the cartridge with my finger, or if I connect some speaker cable to the ground connection to the amp and then touch the screw on the top left part of the cartridge/tonearm.

However, I have also tried it at a friend’s house and the issue is not present at all (which is what the two dealerships said). Therefore, I can only assume it is something to do with my house, but what that is, is beyond me. I thought it might be a ground loop problem, so I bought a ground loop isolator, which hasn’t helped at all apart from I now can’t remove the hum by touching the bits that previously removed the hum.

When I touch the tonearm level, I get a clicking noise and when I move the tonearm it both increases the hum as well as giving a bit of a static/crackle noise as I move it.

Does anyone have any ideas at all?

Thanks in advance



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For reasons known only to the manufacturer, the Rega P2 does not have a separate grounding wire. If you have the option, replace the Rega TT with one from another manufacturer, one with grounding. If this is not an option, you can find "how to ground a Rega turntable" articles through Google. In essence they formalize what you've already discovered using your finger as a ground lead.

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