REGA P1 turntable issue


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Hi guys,

I hope you can help me get rid of this long time issue.

I own a REGA P1 turntable connected to MARANTZ PM6005 amp since 8 years.
Since a couple of years when I select the Phono output of the amp (after some time that it is not used) I start to hear a constant buzz noise from the left speaker. The noise increases / decreases according to AMP volume.
At first I started to switch off and on the AMP, but the noise persisted.
After some investigation I learned that REGA P1 has the ground connection embedded in the left RCA audio connector that goes to the AMP (the noise is coming from the left speaker actually).
When touching the RCA connector with my hand the noise vanishes, also after rotating it a little bit in the AMP the noise disappears.
However after some time that the connector is left untouched the noise returns again, if I repeat the same operation the noise disappears again.

I broght the turntable to the record shop and they diagnosed the problem due to oxide on RCA connectors of the turntable.
The sprayed both RCA connectors with some anti-oxide spray and returned back the REGA P1.

However after some time the problem returned again and it still persists as of today.

Can you please support me in uderstanding how to solve this issue?

Shall I do something on AMP side?

Thank you to support me in this problem! :)


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It does sound as though the left RCA connector is the culprit doesn't it?

Perhaps you could (gently!) crimp the outer collar (earth) of the connector so that it grips the socket of the Marantz more securely.

I would do a simple experiment first. Reverse the left & right RCA connectors to your Amp, so left is plugged into right and right into left. Does the problem move to the right channel? If so then you have confirmed the problem is with the Turntable. As you have had some success with making a better connection by cleaning the RCA plug, I would have someone replace the RCA connectors (quite an easy job to do yourself, as long as you can use a soldering iron). Hope this helps.

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