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Rega Mira amp has lost left channel. Advise to repair??

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by portisheaddan, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. portisheaddan

    portisheaddan Standard Member

    May 31, 2008
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    Hello all.
    I am looking for a little help with my Rega amp. I have owned it from new for about 11 years and Over the last 2 years or so the left channel has started to crackle and a gentle tap on the top or the amp would sort it for a few months. Now the gentle tap no longer works!
    Some times it comes on and sometimes it wont. Obviously a component is breaking down somewhere. Can anyone help to find where the problem is? Is there a way to trouble shoot? I have a good soldering iron and dont mind opening it up to investigate.

  2. Crocodile

    Crocodile Distinguished Member

    Nov 4, 2002
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    Sounds more like a bad connection (dry joint) rather than component failure. With the amp running & the cover off you can use something like a small, plastic handled screwdriver to LIGHTLY tap around the board & components. This should help you isolate the area or even component. You'll then need to remove the PCB & examine the solder joints in that area for signs of cracking.

    Make sure you hold the screwdriver blade & use the insulated plastic handle to tap.

    DON'T let the metal blade come in contact with anything else or short any two parts together. A good tip is to keep your free hand in your pocket to reduce the likelihood of accidentally touching something you shouldn't.

    Leave the amp completely disconnected from the mains for several hours before attempting to remove the PCB. Even then be careful not to touch any bare metal surfaces like capacitor tops as they may still hold a significant charge.

    If you're not comfortable with this then find someone who is.
  3. BlueWizard

    BlueWizard Distinguished Member

    Jun 19, 2007
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    Before you crack open your cabinet and look inside MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that the speaker wire connections are clean and tight, and that no stray strands of wire are shorting the speaker terminals.

    Check the connections from you sources. You can wiggle or tap the various connections to see if you get the crackling. You many have had an input connector or cable that failed. Or you may have a connection that has become loose or dirty.

    You probably have a fair amount into this amp, and if you are otherwise ratified with the service, then it might be worth considering repairing the amp. It sounds like whatever is wrong can be easily found and repaired. But, of course, they won't repair it for free. It is going to cost you something, and that is a huge variable. You might find an authorized Rega repair points, and get an estimate, or have the amp evaluated.

    However, one you have cleared up all possible external sources, the suggestions by Crocodile are probably the next best step.

    BUT, this is not for the faint of heart or the dilettante (amateur). Inside the case is exposed house line voltage, which for you would be 240v. Even with the amp unplugged, there can be a residual 30v to 40 volts in the large capacitors. 30 volts, though not likely, is enough to produce a fatal shock under ideal conditions.

    If you are not at least basically knowledgeable in electronic and electrical circuits, and don't have a reasonable set of handyman skills and common sense, best leave it to the professionals.

    From what I am hearing, it sounds like this amp could be easily repaired.

    Just a few thoughts.


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