Rega Exact vs. Nagaoka MP-150 vs. Golding 1042 for Rega P6/Planar 6


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Recently bought a second hand Rega P6 (less than 2 years old) and the Exact cartridge probably needs replacing. Am toying with either Nagaoka MP-150 or a Goldring 1042 as an alternative to the Exact 2 (which was supplied with the original purchase). Would be good to hear anyone's thoughts about using something other than a Rega cartridge. Doesn't have to be the ones named in this post. I would like to stick with MM (for cost really - don't want to get a MC pre-amp). Have a Marantz PM7000n amplifier, Rega Fono pre-amp and KEF LS50 speakers.


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I would add the AT VM540 ML to the list, I have used its little sister the VM95ML and it was a cracking cartridge for only £130, very clear, detailed, tracked well and by all accounts will last 1000+ hours and wears the record less. The 540 should be all that plus a little more. Depending on the tonearm you have, you just need to check the height of the cartridge to make sure that the are is still horizontal, otherwise you may need to shim the arm up if the cartridge is taller.
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