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Hi Guys. I have a Rega Elex-r on the way. I play 90% vinyl, so the phono stage is VERY important to me. What I am looking for is a 3D, holographic presentation.
Will the built in phono preamp in the Elex-R give me that, or should I use a Tube based phono preamp (in the $1,500 range) ahead of the Rega?

My turntable is a Rega P2 (2016 model) with a vintage Stanton 881 cart and aftermarket stylus.

many thanks for any thoughts!


At first I would certainly try the phono in the Elex, Rega do have a reputation for exceptional phonos on their amps. I have an Elicit-R but no TT so cannot confirm how good they actually are. If you do need one why break the chain of Rega components by using a tube pre-amp when both TT and amp have been engineered in the solid state.

The problem you're going to have is a 'what if' one and the basis for two dreadful diseases of upgradiatus and unobtainium. However there does seem to be a bit of a mismatch with a $1500 pre-amp and an amp that is around that price.

It is interesting that Rega have dropped a phono stage on the new Aethos stating that a standalone phono pre-amp presents better quality than can be fitted into an amps chassis. Make of that what you will.


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Hi. Elex R owner here. One thing that will help is that the main amplification section has an excellent sound stage. It took me a while to get used to as my previous amps had vague left, vague right and centre. The Elex is excellent at seemingly projecting sounds from the "right" place. There's depth and left/right accuracy. Very impressive.


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I would definitely give the built in phono stage a run first, I would be surprised if the built in phono stage was anything other than excellent, just look at their lineage.

If you are looking at getting better soundstage, depth and presentation though, I would save and look to upgrade your turntable to the P3, it really is in on another level to the P2!

Good luck, from what I hear, the Elex R is a great amp.


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Gingersnaps: Thanks SO much for your post. Thats exactly the kind of information I was looking for.
Daddy999: Thanks very much! , my plan is to upgrade the TT to a P6 at some point, just not right now. But, you know the arm in the P2 is no slouch!

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