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Just bought a Rega Dac to go with my system which comprises of the following,Rega Brio R,Rega Apollo R,Rega Ear Mk2,,Rega Phono Mk2,Ar The Legend Turntable,IFi Blue Zen and finally a pair of Dali Oberon 7 speakers.I know the Rega Dac is quite old now but there are so many people that still use these and are very happy with them and I’ve been told they go very well with the Brio R and Apollo R.My local Hifi shop recommended that I go for the Chord Qutest which has rave reviews but also quite a lot of people that have said they aren’t that impressed,I suppose it depend of your system.At the end of the day I couldn’t really justify spending £1250.00 on a Chord.Going to use the Rega Dac with my Apollo and IFi Zen Blue,should be getting the Rega Dac on Tuesday,will get it setup and will post my thoughts on it in the coming days.Not really bothered about using the usb on the Dac because I’m not going to be using a Pc for music.My system sounds fantastic to me and the additional Dac should I hope add the finishing touch and then I’m done for now,I hope.


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I have a very similar system. Planar P2 & Elex-R. I added the Apollo-R, which is an excellent CD player in its own right, and then added the Rega DAC (non-R version). I was impressed how it opened the sound out. The filters are a bit of a faff but worth experimenting with: subtle differences but differences nonetheless, to my ear anyway. It’s a very good DAC.


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Well I’ve got the Rega Dac in place on my system and connected to my Rega Brio R via RCA,Rega Apollo R and Ifi Zen Blue connected via optical to the Dac,very very pleased with what I’m hearing,definitely opened up the sound,I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before,bass is tighter and instrument seperation is incredible,can hear each and everyone of them.I realise that the Rega Dac is quite old and there are better options but for the price I paid,£275,cost £600 when new I’m more than happy and being Rega it fits in perfectly with the rest of my equipment.Eventually I’m going to purchase a better rack to house my seperates but for now I’m done.

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